Indian Bred
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This piece explores minimalism and surrealism in Indian design, departing
from conventional kitsch and bohemian elements existing in Indian graphic design today.

Vaishnavi Mahenderan is a graphic
design student at Parson’s, currently
based in New York city.

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Spirituality, religion, inspiration, angst. It's all just an excuse to get high. Breathe in, take a hit. You know you'll be back for more of it.

Kunal Daswani is a photographer based in Chennai. Besides fashion, food and product photography, he loves shooting people at their candid best.

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There’s something about this country that allures us constantly. Elements from our everyday that brightens up eyes and brings peace to our souls. Probably why there’s always a reason to celebrate. Rishidev works as an art director at Wieden + Kennedy, New Delhi.

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24x18, water colour on board Deelip lives and works in Mumbai as a freelance illustrator.

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Our mythology is filled with very vivid imagery, and fantastic worlds. And Kali has got to be one of the most interesting characters to have come out of any ancient text. Here she is at her most fearsome, The Rudra. Some say he gets hassled easily, some say he has no taste in shoes, and some say he's just plain crazy. But nobody ever said AJ was an average graphic designer.

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In memory of Barath; birth place to a civilization, art, literature, religion, music, the Kamasutra, filter coffee, 'zero', satyagraha and sati. For Shiva, Kali, Vishnu and KrisVhna, the eternal overseers; who play games with us and laugh at our follies. Preetika is a photographer and mixed media artist based in Chennai.

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Ananta Vijnana means endless spiritual knowledge, far superior than human, Enthiran and Ra one put together. The one who is bionic with spiritual nirvana, the hand gestures of Alla, Buddha and Jesus. The one who also takes form of Shiva and his female form that comes from within him. Joyston is the founder and Creative Director of Coloured Particles.

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Madhav is a conceptual and advertising photographer based out of Chennai. In this series 'Sid's world' he explores the conflicts between conventional archetypes and present day ambitions by setting up an innocent and bizarre world.
An expatriate's point of view about an Indian girl he once saw. ‘Her lips move to ballads, in tongues I don’t understand. But o’ that profound language, the music became us.’ Part artist, part drummer, part test tube baby, Rajeev works as an art director at Whoa Mama Design, Chennai. +91 91 768 837 50
Nothing is sweeter to India than India's sweets. The colourful ghee-based yummies are close to every Indian’s heart (and tummies) to not only bring a smile but a festival to life. With those calories, anything would jump to life, really. Alicia Souza has restless finger syndrome which makes her incapable of being in close proximity to a pencil without scribbling on paper. Hence her career move as an illustrator was an obvious choice though she always wanted to be a sheep herder. The thought of being around walking, bleating sweaters makes her smile.
In the Hindu religion, God sometimes gives power to mere mortals in their avatar form. And when they experience these powers they enjoy liberties and find themselves doing things that were never possible. This piece is the inspiration of this energy, the union of Shakti and Shiva, creation and its ground, feminine and masculine, even though they were never actually divided in the first place. It is like wetness that is never separate from water, sweetness that is never separate from sugar, and warmth that is never separate from sunlight.

Ram is a fine-art photographer, always looking to push the envelope.
Crowded streets, dust, grime and noisy beats. The occasional awestruck vagabond lurks. Madras, my fortress, my circus, Thy bustling madness is my morning rooster. Shaun D’ Sa is the co-founder and imperial commander of the fleet at Whoa Mama Design, Chennai. His style of work encompases two things that he is passionate about : photography and design.
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